Horton’s Finder, The Ultimate Tim Horton’s Locator

Coffee and donuts are the specialty of Tim Hortons and Canadians just love everything about it. A new iPhone app, Horton’s Finder, helps Canadians satisfy their donut-coffee urge by finding the closest Tim Hortons location.

Horton’s Finder by Majestic Media Ltd.

From the maker of the TD Finder & Scotia Finder apps comes their newest app, Horton’s Finder!

Considering Tim Hortons coffee is the drug of choice for millions of Canadians, this app is the ultimate companion for the Canadian iPhone user. It has also come at a great time with the frigid Canadian winter approaching.

While there is another Tim Hortons related app already available, Horton’s Finder has a few newer,  more helpful features and is much faster overall. One of those features is for our social media lovers as Horton’s Finder includes Twitter and Facebook Connect integration. This allows users to easily share the app with their friends.

Horton’s Finder also includes the ability to list 15 locations, where competing apps list up to 5. This can be extremely helpful when going to work for example. Now Canadians can find their Double-Double near home, on the way to work, while at work, while shopping during their work break, coming home from work and just about anywhere else. As Tim Hortons grows and begins to show up 10 times on the same street (a la Starbucks), this is a great feature to find all the local Tim Hortons locations.

The app also includes in-app Google maps with pins and directions showing the closest Timmys to a user’s location. The app makes use of the iPhone GPS so a data plan or WiFi is required. The pins are nice because they will also show 15 nearby locations. The closest Timmys isn’t necessarily the most convenient, so maps and pins are a good idea.

Another great feature, and one that will become very popular around the holidays, is the ability to check a Tim Card balance. It is always a good idea to know if you have enough cash or credit to get your next fix…err…coffee. 😉

Also, the app icon is absolutely EPIC but I won’t spoil it. Download the app and see for yourself, but get it fast because it’s free until December 15, 2009!

Horton’s Finder is available in the iTunes App Store for free (until December 15, 2009).