iPhones With Flappy Bird Installed Available for $90,000 on eBay

Ebay listing iphone flappy bird

There are times when you regret something you have done in the past: it’s okay with a little bit of help from “time”, but I’m sure you will remember that moment when you deleted Flappy Bird from your iPhone for a long-long time. Why? Because the app – as of writing this article – would add $89,200 to the value of your (let’s say, “reasonably priced”) $1,000 worth of iPhone 5s.

Just in case you missed the news this weekend, Flappy Bird is the game everybody has been downloading and playing recently, generating roughly $50,000 per day for an indie game developer. The problem is that the poor developer couldn’t take it anymore and pulled the game from the App Store, so if you are searching for the most-sought-after game, you won’t find it.

However, you have one more chance, but I am warning you, this is the hard way: head to eBay and follow this listing (removed). The only limit is how much you are willing to spend on the most-sought-after game in the world? The cost right now is nearing $100,000, and it involves a white 16 GB iPhone 5s. But if this is too much for you, you can get it for $90,200 (removed), and you get an iPhone 5 as well.

Imagine that you have an iPhone 4S, or maybe an iPhone 4, with Flappy Bird installed! The app is now worth $99,000.

[Via TIME]