Next WhatsApp Update To Bring iCloud Support, Push-To-Talk & More [Rumour]

The world’s most popular cross-platform instant messaging application WhatsApp, that now handles a total of 20 billion messages per day, is rumoured to get a major update pretty soon that will introduce a bunch of interesting new features to the messaging app’s iOS version (via BlogDoiPhone). According to the source, some of these features will include iCloud integration, support for transferring multiple images and Push-to-Talk capability.

Whats app3 0 feature2

The report claims that the app will allow syncing of conversation data with iCloud, which will be preserved on WhatsApp servers even when the application is uninstalled or the device is restored. The update will also allow users to select several images at the same time to send. Furthermore, a new “Push-to-Talk” (press to talk) function will let users send small quick snippets of audio.

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Currently, there is no release date or official word for such an update, though leaked screenshots definitely suggest beta testing of new features. WhatsApp, while a free download, plans to launch a $0.99 annual subscription fee for new iOS users soon. So, who’s excited?