Starbucks App Pick of the Week: Walk Tracker Pro

This week’s App Pick of the Week at Starbucks is Walk Tracker Pro, which was released a couple days ago. The app is regularly priced at $2.99 in the App Store but it’s now free. The app description reads:

Whether you are walking for leisure or trying to burn calories, Walk Tracker will track your route and make sure you get to the goals you set.

Seeing your progress over time can be a powerful motivator. That’s why Walk Tracker has combined a fully customizable activity planner with training history, calorie graphs, audio feedback and in depth workout plans with targets.

As you exercise you can see your time, pace, speed, calories burned, training intervals, splits, view map in real time, take photos, listen to iPod music and receive audio feedback on your progress.

Get Walk Tracker and enjoy the benefits of a professional virtual walking partner on your iPhone.

So it looks like this is the equivalent of RunKeeper but for walking. You can grab a free promo code at your nearest Starbucks. The displays are usually near the counter where you pick up your drink. Click here to learn how to redeem a promo code. Last week we saw the Disney game, Where’s my Water as the pick of the week.

Thanks @swotam for the heads up!