textPlus Free Calls Updated to Support Free Calls Within Canada to textPlus Friends

Last August textPlus was updated to introduce free texting to Canadians via the distribution of free phone numbers. They eventually revealed over 381,000 numbers were given out in three months. textPlus was great for free texting between textPlus friends–but what about calling?

Now, textPlus Free Calls has been updated to introduce free calling between Canadian users. They are now giving out Canadian numbers so you can call you fellow textPlus Free Calls friends for no charge. Eventually, they are planning on one integrated app instead of having two separate apps.

To earn more minutes to call non-textPlus numbers, users can complete ‘tasks’ and earn more minutes within the app.

Free + low-cost calls from textPlus. Always free calls with textPlus users + super-low rates to any mobile or landline. Save money on expensive carrier plans. Reliable quality on WiFi, 3G & 4G. For iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

NEW Call textPlus friends in Canada free too

Free calls for you and friends on textPlus
+Unlimited Free Calls with textPlus users that use textPlus calling
+Invite friends without the app to textPlus Free Calls so it’s free for everyone
+Try calling with your free bonus minutes
+textPlus Free Text users, just login with your existing account to start calling


With textPlus, it can make your iPod touch or iPad powerful as friends can text or call your provided unique Canadian number. You can login to this version of the app with your same textPlus login. Let me know what you think of this update.

Click here to download textPlus Free Calls–it’s free.