Track your Activity with Human: Move 30 minutes or more [Review]

Human: Move 30 minutes or more is a mouth full of a name, but this app has focus and delivers. Human gives you a goal to be active for 30 minutes a day, then keeps track your activity.  Although, Human does not track what you are doing perfectly.

Human gives you a daily to move for 30 minutes

Human gives you a daily to move for 30 minutes

A few details from one of my walks

The details from one of my activities

To start using Human you have to make an account or connect with Facebook. Once you do Human starts tracking your activity and sends you a notification when you reach 30 minutes of activity. As long as you have your locations services on and can connect to the Internet, so Human’s servers can process your data.

One thing I observed using Human is that it determined my activity based on my speed. So when I was driving slowing through a parking lot it thought I was running. Fortunately, I could manually correct the activity. However, I could not break it up into driving 2 minutes and walking 5 minutes, so this did have a small affect on the accuracy of my total active time. Also, there really isn’t much to Human, as it doesn’t track how many steps I take or how many calories I burn, which I don’t believe is a bad thing. I like the simplicity.

Changing your past activities is easy to do

Changing an activity is easy

Review your past activity

Review your past activity

If you want a goal to help you stay active and you want help keeping track of your daily activity you can download Human: Move 30 minutes or more for free from the App Store here. Then, tells us if you like using Human or about the activity tracker you prefer.

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  • Chrome262

    LOL so it things you are running when you are stuck in traffic, thats great. It must be amazed at the distances you were covering. Maybe with the M7 chip and better app integration it will tell the difference.