Verrus Introduces PayByPhone iPhone App!


A few months ago, Verrus introduced an amazing mobile website that enabled users to log in to their account, and associated parking lot number, to pay for parking! While the calling-in process was not inconvenient, it was great to have an additional method to access your account.

For those wondering what Verrus is, it is a company that partners with parking authorities across Canada and the USA to allow users to pay for parking via their mobile phone instead of at the meter.

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As I recommended when Verrus launched the mobile site, the company has now released an official mobile app! Similar to the mobile website, the new iOS app can do the following:

  • Pay for parking
  • Extend parking
  • Edit vehicles
  • Edit payment details
  • Manage account settings
  • Sign-up for a PayByPhone account

While the features are similar, the iOS app is significantly cleaned up, includes an “Info” tab with a helpline and email address and a new Map function to show your current location.

In Vancouver, I use Verrus all the time with EasyPark. Now with the mobile app, this is even better! You can get Verrus PayByPhone in the App Store for free.