Apple Retail Store Workers Receive Pay Raise

AppleInsider is reporting that Apple Retail Store employees have started receiving a hike in wages over the past week. Apparently, there have been some unconfirmed reports that some Apple Store employees received a raise in pay, in face-to-face meetings last week. No amounts were disclosed, but reports claim the raise upwards of around 25%.

It is suspected this increase comes after an internal survey amongst workers that sited low wages as one of the biggest complaints. Current wages are around $9 to $15 for sales staff and around $30 for Genius Bar staff. There have been some reports that newly opened Windows retail locations have been luring away Apple Store employees with higher wages and better benefits.

This 25% increase apparently will not be received by all employees as it is reportedly performance based, but this is great news for Apple Store employees. Apple has been doing quite well in the profit department over the past couple of years, so it’s nice to see them sharing the wealth with the folks that help get their products into our hands.