Apple to Inspire America’s First Bookless Public Library in San Antonio

Apple’s design influence on several retail stores is unquestionable – just look at Microsoft’s stores. Yet the company’s influence goes even beyond: As of this fall, people in Bexar County, Texas, will walk in an Apple Store-like bookless public library.


Called Bibliotech, America’s first public library without paper books was conceived under the influence of Steve Jobs’ biography by Bexar County judge Nelson Wolff, who envisions several public libraries across the country.

“If you want to get an idea what it looks like, go into an Apple store,” Wolff said to the San Antonio Express News.

Many cities, such as San Antonio, offer downloadable books alongside their paper books, and the University of Texas at San Antonio is a pioneer among academic institutions with bookless collections and technical libraries.

Still, according to Judge Wolff, BiblioTech will be the first library designed for – and not adapted to – the digital age.

The first bookless public library will allow residents to check out an e-reader to use at home for two weeks. Theft is obviously a serious threat, but the libraries know the renter’s name and address, lending some level of accountability.

[Via BusinessInsider]