Jobs Family Yacht Seized in Amsterdam Over Unpaid Bill

The super yacht built for Apple co-founder Steve Jobs has ended up being sequestered by lawyers of designer Philippe Starck, while lying in Amsterdam port, due to a payment dispute, reports (via AppleInsider).

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The original price of the yacht was 150 million euros (about $198 million), which entitled the designer to 9 million euros (about $12 million), but the Jobs family claims that the actual cost was only 105 million euros ($138 million). As the total cost of building the yacht determines Starck’s share — 6% of the cost price — the designer is now 3 million euros (roughly $4 million) short.

In other words, the dispute between the Jobs heirs and Starck centers around this 3 million euros of unpaid bill, according to the Rotterdam lawyer Roeland Klaassen’s statement to the Financeele Dagblad.

Bailiffs boarded the yacht named “Venus” last week, and the ship is now literally chained to the dock with port service companies instructed not to allow its departure.

The 80-meter ship was built completely from aluminum by the Dutch shipyards De Vries Scheepsbouw and Van Lent, and was launched in Aalsmeer two months ago.