Bell Increases Price of Entry ‘Unlimited’ Plan to $85, Matching Rogers and Telus

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Bell has raised the entry price of its ‘unlimited’ data plans to $85 per month for 25GB of data, matching its rivals Rogers and Telus.

This change now makes the starting price for an ‘unlimited’ data plan at $85 per month, although Bell does still have an $80/30GB promo plan available for new activations only.

Here’s what’s the wireless landscape looks like as of today for unlimited plans from Rogers, Telus and Bell:

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Telus and Rogers recently bumped up the starting price of their ‘unlimited’ plans to $85 with 25GB of data.

Telus also introduced speed caps for its unlimited plans last week. The $85/25GB plan has speeds “up to 250Mbps”, while the $90/40GB and $100/50GB plans have speeds “up to 1Gbps”.

Koodo also saw speed plans introduced as well:

  • 3GB data plans or lower: up to 3 Mbps
  • Up to 12GB data plans: up to 100 Mbps

While these starting ‘unlimited’ data plans are increasing in price, more data is being offered. But the bump in price allows carriers to pad average revenue per user metrics, which are a valuable indicator for investors.

Are you on an unlimited data plan? How much data are you using every month?

Update Feb. 23, 2022: When reached for comment, a Bell spokesperson declined to comment on the price changes.