Bell iPhone X Contract Pricing: Starts at $599.99 with $95/Month Plan

Bell has posted iPhone X pricing on two-year contracts on their website, and as expected, pricing is pretty much identical to Rogers and Telus.

Here are Bell’s starting prices for iPhone X on contract on maximum subsidies:

  • 64GB iPhone X – $599.99
  • 256GB iPhone X – $799.99
For the max subsidy prices listed above, it will require a minimum $95 per month plan (minimum $25/1GB data per account plus minimum $70/month per user).

Iphone x pricing bell

Note Bell’s outright pricing for the 64GB model is $1349, a $30 premium over prices.

If you pay a couple hundred bucks more and go with the starting $799.99 64GB price, you only need to have a minimum $85 per month plan ($25/1GB minimum plus $60/month per user). The 256GB model on a $85 per month plan will cost $999.99 up front (remember when iPhone upgrades were $199?!).

Apple’s iPhone X pre-orders kick off this Friday, October 27 at 12:01AM PT/3:01AM ET.

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