Bell ‘Winback’ Offer Reportedly Offers $45/25GB Plan with 5G Access

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If you recently left Bell Mobility, you might be expecting a call from the company’s ‘winback’ department with a sweetheart deal, to bring you back to their side.

The latest Bell ‘winback’ plan reportedly comes in the form of a $45 plan with 25GB of 5G data, as shared by RFD user ‘luan237’ based in Ontario.

The user was a Bell customer for 3.5 years, but switched to Koodo on Monday to get a $45/13GB plan (Telus employee deal). About 2 hours after switching to Koodo, the user claims Bell called them and inquired why they had left, plus then offered a $45/25GB ‘unlimited’ data plan with 5G access.

According to the former Bell customer, the sweetheart deal of $45/25GB is normally priced at $100/month, as shown within the MyBell app. The ‘winback’ plan is the latter plan with a 55% off discount, applied each month and with no expiry date.

The caller ID from Bell was 1-866-907-4316. Others on RFD did not indicate yet if they have been offered this $45/25GB ‘winback’ plan, so your mileage may vary.

Last fall, we saw Bell’s Virgin Mobile offer a $45/25GB ‘winback’ plan, so it’s not out of the ordinary for the company to provide this plan to lure people back.