Rogers AMC Deal Reached; Bell TV to Drop AMC on Feb. 1

Rogers announced back in November it was set to drop U.S. channel AMC on January 1, 2020, as negotiations for a new deal were ongoing. A last-minute deal was signed with AMC and announced on December 31, 2019, by Rogers.

The Rogers Community Forums posted an update to a huge thread, saying, “We are pleased to announce that we have reached a fair agreement with the content provider to continue offering the AMC channel to our customers.”

Now, with Rogers and AMC inking a last-minute deal, it’s now Bell’s turn to negotiate with the American network. Just around Christmas, Bell notified customers on their bills of the following:

“Note – From time to time, we adjust the programming offered on our service. Starting February 1, 2020, AMC will not be available on Bell TV.”

“If you have this channel as part of an À la carte package, we will add a replacement channel that you can change at any time. For questions, to add, modify, cancel or extend your services, call 1 866 310-BELL,” noted Bell.

AMC is the network behind popular shows such as The Walking Dead, currently in its tenth season (seriously, how much longer can this show go on for?!).

If you’re a Bell TV subscriber with AMC—do you think the channel will disappear next month? Or will another last-minute deal be reached with a Canadian broadcaster?

[via MobileSyrup]