Fido and Virgin Now Also Offer $55/9GB, $65/16GB BYOD Plans in Quebec

Yesterday, Koodo launched a $55/9GB BYOD plan in Quebec and as of today, fellow rivals Fido and Virgin Mobile have matched this plan with their own offering.

The plans offer unlimited Canada-wide calling, unlimited global SMS/MMS, to go with the usual extras of call waiting, voicemail and more. Data overages are billed at $10/100MB or $100/1GB.

Fido says the $55 plan with 4GB and the 5GB bonus (for 9GB total) is only available for 24 months and expires on July 31, 2019.

Fido $55 9GB

As for Virgin, the website does not mention the bonus data for 24 months only.

virgin $55 9gb

Other plans also available from Fido, Virgin and Koodo include:

  • $65 for 15GB (Koodo)
  • $65 for 16GB (Fido/Virgin)

Expect Koodo to update their $65 plan to include 16GB shortly. The $65/16GB plan is a competitive response to Quebec wireless carrier, Videotron, which launched a $65/16GB BYOD plan last week (also available in the Ottawa region).

Let us know if you decide to make any plan changes for either the $55/9GB or $65/16GB offerings.