Koodo Promo Offers $55/9GB BYOD Plan in Quebec

Koodo $55 quebec

Koodo customers in Quebec may want to check out the latest offer from the Telus flanker brand, as a new promotion is offering a $55 plan with 9GB of data.

The plan is normally $55 with 4GB, but a current bonus 5GB data takes that total to 9GB, to go with unlimited Canada-wide minutes, unlimited global SMS/MMS, to go with the usual extras like call waiting, voicemail and more. Additional data is billed at $10/100MB.

According to Koodo, “Bonus data is part of total data amount and does not fall off unless customer cancels their service or changes their rate plan.”

A $35 connection fee applies for in-store activations but the fee is waived for those ordering the plan online.

This bonus data offering looks to be a response to regional carrier Videotron, which is also offering a $55 BYOD plan with 9GB of data (4 + 5 GB).

If you’re on a BYOD plan with Koodo that can be improved with this promotion, it may be worth switching up your plan online.