Rogers Matches Telus and Bell, All Have the Same $40 BYOD Monthly Rate Now

Rogers has lowered the monthly price of its Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) from $50 to $40, matching the price of Telus and Bell for voice plans that include unlimited nationwide calling, notes MobileSyrup:

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Screenshot 2014 12 05 10 42 17

All three carriers now have BYOD options at $40 for unlimited nationwide voice plans, whereas back in April, Rogers upped theirs to $50 and Bell had theirs at $40 (which later became $45) like Telus.

Bringing your own unlocked iPhone to the Big 3’s discount carriers like Virgin, Koodo and Fido can be a better option. With Fido in particular, customers adding a second line to an existing account can get 10% off, while stacking the BYOD 10% off option on top of the latter discount.

Telus rebranded and launched new ‘Your Choice’ plans last month and Rogers and Bell quickly followed suit with a response. But now, it appears the ‘level playing field’ has returned. Happy wireless shopping!