Fido Giving $0 Samsung Galaxy Tablet with Free 4GB Plan to Some Customers

Fido tablet 4gb plan

Fido is offering up a free tablet with data plan for 24 months to some customers, as its says it’s in the “gift-giving spirit” for its loyal customers.

Up for grabs is a Samsung Galaxy A tablet and a 4GB monthly plan, all for free on a two-year term. Fido says this deal is worth over $630. So basically a free tablet with a data plan for 24 months.

iPhone in Canada reader Mason told us he received the following text message yesterday:

“Hi, it’s Fido. We’re getting into the gift-giving spirit of the holidays by giving our loyal customers, like you, an unbelievable deal worth over $630, yup it’s true!! You’ll receive the $0 Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablet & pay NO monthly fees for 24 months with the 4GB/mo data plan, on a 2-yr term. Monthly plan fee, currently $10/mo will be applied after 2-yrs.”

Fido says users can visit a Fido store or call 1-844-423-3436 to get the details.

Offering up a free tablet and data plan to customers is one way to pad subscriber numbers when it comes to tablet activations and monthly spends.

Yesterday, we told you Fido is again handing out 5GB of free monthly wireless data to select customers.

Did you receive this offer from Fido?