Fido Offering $10/month Discount for 6 Months to Select Customers

Rogers subsidiary, Fido, is offering up a monthly discount of $10 per month for six months to select customers right now.

According to one iPhone in Canada reader, Fido sent out text messages this morning saying the following:

Hi, it’s Fido: Great news! We added a $10 discount off your monthly service fee for 6 months. This is an exclusive offer just for you to thank you for being a Fido customer. You don’t have to do anything. This discount will start on your next bill. Questions? Visit for a list of ways you can reach us.
Fido $10 discount

Fido says this “exclusive offer” is to thank users for being Fido customers. No action is required as the credits are applied automatically to accounts.

Last month, Fido offered a 5GB free monthly data bonus to select customers, while similarly gave a 2GB data bonus to another group of customers in November as well.

Why the free data and price drops? The federal government plans to reduce cellphone plans by 25% and implement measures to increase competition, to force wireless prices down. There’s also a wireless review underway right now by the CRTC, exploring MVNOs (mobile virtual network operators), which would force incumbents to allow smaller companies network access, for the sake of reselling services.

The pressure is on the Big 3 to lower pricing and by offering free data and monthly discounts, some suspect it may be an attempt to get ahead of government regulations by painting a rosier picture when it comes to the numbers, than what people are actually paying.