Fido “Exclusive Offers” Such as $60/20GB Showing Up in Customer Accounts

Fido appears to be texting customers today with exclusive offers, available to be redeemed within My Account details online.

Fido $60 20gb

According to RFD users, a variety of Fido BYOD plans have been offered to customers, including the following:

  • $50/10GB
  • $55/15GB
  • $60/20GB
  • $65/20GB
  • $65/25GB
  • $70/30GB
  • $75/30GB (QC)

Fido $65 25gb

These “special exclusive offers” are available when you log into Fido My Account online. The offers mention, “thanks for being a loyal Fido customer. Pick any of these offers, or enjoy them all!”.

Most Fido customers noted the plans offered are higher-priced versus their existing plan, but also with more data. Many also noted they weren’t using mobile data as often due to COVID-19 and working from home. By pushing customers to a higher monthly spend, these Fido offers will help parent company Rogers achieve more favourable metrics for quarterly earnings.

Fido recently has been offering $45/25GB ‘winback’ offers to customers who departed to Shaw Mobile or Freedom Mobile. With Black Friday upcoming, we may see more wireless deals coming our way.

Earlier today, we also reported Fido is offering $45 bill credits for new activations and upgrades in-store, to help employees land customer sales.