Rogers Waives Early Upgrade Fees if Users Renew to ‘Share Everything’ Plans

Mobile data is today’s money maker for wireless carriers, especially with newer and faster LTE networks, which can easily result in data overages with today’s smaller bucket amounts. But those with grandfathered Rogers plans like the coveted 6GB/$30 plan, you do have a buffer.

Rogers plans to sweeten the deal for legacy users by offering to waive the last six months of early cancellation fees, according to unnamed sources speaking to MobileSyrup:

According to sources, Rogers will waive a customer’s remaining device balance within the last six months of a contract as long as he or she upgrades to a Share Everything plan.

The catch? You need to upgrade to a current in-market Share Everything plan on a two-year term, which are more expensive than some of the former three-year contract retention plans still out there.

Back in December, we told you Fido was targeting select users with a similar ‘holiday’ promo, offering $0 early upgrade fees. At the time, this ‘deal’ was also available to Rogers customers too, with the same requirement to subscribe to Share Everything plans, available until January 31, 2015.

Today’s report suggests Rogers is now aggressively pushing this incentive as it wants to increase hardware upgrades to catch up to TELUS and Bell for their quarterly net postpaid subscriber numbers. Last quarter, Rogers only had 17,000 net postpaid additions compared to 113,000 for TELUS and 90,976 for Bell.

Bell looks to be offering a similar incentive to select customers, offering $50 to $100 credit for early upgrades from older plans.

Have you been contacted by Rogers, Fido or Bell asking you to upgrade, with the offer of waived early upgrade fees?