Freedom Mobile Offers iPhone 11 for Free with $90/25GB Plan

Freedom mobile free iphone 11

Freedom Mobile has launched pre-orders for Apple’s iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max.

When it comes to iPhone 11, Freedom Mobile is offering the device for free as part of its Absolute Zero device line up, with a $90/25GB plan.

“Get the new iPhone 11 for Absolute Zero on select Big Gig Unlimited Data Plans4 for only $90/mo. and save up to $979! New customers, pre-order in-store,” explains Freedom Mobile’s website.

iPhone 11 on Absolute Zero with Freedom Mobile means $0 upfront, $0 extra monthly and $0 extra after two years, says the company.

The math works out to $2,160 paid after 24 months ($90 x 24). Subtract the iPhone 11 cost of $979 and you’re left with $1,181 for the wireless portion, or $49.21 per month over 24 months, for 25GB of data. That’s not bad at all.

Freedom Mobile says existing customers can pre-order online or in-store, while new customers can only pre-order in-store.

If you’re in an area with Freedom Mobile coverage, this might be worth jumping on if you’re looking to get an iPhone 11. Previously, Freedom Mobile offered Apple’s iPhone XR for free under its Absolute Zero promotion, with a required $75 per month plan.