Shaw FreeRange TV App Rebrands to BlueCurve TV on iOS, Android

Shaw bluecurve tv app

Shaw launched its FreeRange TV iOS app back in January 2016, offering existing cable TV subscribers to watch live television on their iPhones and iPads, along with offline downloads for kids’ shows.

Fast forward nearly four years and FreeRange TV has now been rebranded to BlueCurve TV on iOS and Android.

According to an update yesterday, Shaw said “FreeRange TV is now BlueCurve TV! You can still enjoy live sports and on-demand content on-the-go as you always have!”

The new name change now aligns with Shaw’s BlueCurve Pods, which offer mesh Wi-Fi for consumer households.

Nothing is different aside from the rebranding to BlueCurve TV. Shaw’s IPTV solution is based on Comcast’s X1 cloud platform, which is also used by Rogers and Videotron. Shaw has yet to update its website to reflect BlueCurve TV branding.

Download links: Shaw BlueCurve TV for iOS and Android.