Koodo Offers $35/3GB Promo Plan for Some Customers in Quebec

If you don’t need a lot of data every month on Koodo Mobile, you may want to call in and ask about an offer customer service reps are making available to some customers in Quebec.

According to a forum user on RFD, a 2GB data promo for 24 months offer is being offered to Koodo’s existing $35/1GB plan, for a total of $35 for 3GB of data. The original poster mentioned a call to Koodo was made to discuss a billing error, and then casually asked if there was a better plan than the existing $35/2GB retention plan they had. That’s when the customer rep offered the combo promo plan which included the 24 month data bonus.

The only way to try and get this promo is by calling in, as it’s not available through online self-serve.

Again, if you’re trying to reduce the price you’re paying monthly for a cellphone, and don’t need more than 3GB of data per month, it may be worth calling in and asking for this plan.

Last week Koodo implemented a promo to double their referral bonus to $50 each, while earlier this month the Telus flanker brand offered up to $75 bill credit towards iPhones for some customers. The carrier also recently launched VoLTE and Wi-Fi Calling, but it’s limited to one Android phone right now.

If you’re a Koodo customer in Quebec, let us know if you’re able to get this $35/3GB offering by calling in.