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Koodo Offering $60/10GB Loyalty Plan to Some Customers by Phone

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Are we seeing some cellphone plan deals again leading up to the holiday season? Rogers and Fido have been offering customers a $60/15GB BYOD plan via online chat and more, and now Koodo appears to be calling customers to offer its $60/10GB plan again.

According to iPhone in Canada reader @Nascarehh, a loyalty call from Koodo yesterday offered the company’s $60/10GB plan, which comes with unlimited calling and texting and $7/100MB data overages.

To get 10GB of BYOD data from Koodo in B.C. for example, it costs $75 per month. So this $60 promo plan saves $15 per month off.

Koodo $60 10gb

While other wireless carriers increased the price of the coveted holiday $60/10GB plan earlier this year to $65-$70 per month, Koodo told iPhone in Canada in February it had no plans to do so at the time.

Back in December 2017, a wireless feeding frenzy occurred when Canada’s ‘Big 3’ wireless carriers all offered a $60/10GB promo plan, in response to a promo from Shaw’s Freedom Mobile.

With the federal election honing in on cellphone plan prices, could we see more carrier deals coming for customers to appease political parties? Let us know if you’ve received a call from Koodo offering you the $60/10GB promo plan.

Update: There are also a $60/12GB and $70/15GB loyalty plans Koodo has offered to customers through phone offers as well. Try asking for them too, if you’re going to call in.

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