Koodo Targeted Deals: $40/4GB, $55/10GB, $60/12GB Plans and More on Medium Tab

Koodo tab medium offers

If you’re a current Koodo customer, you may want to log into online self-serve and check for some target offers, which are available for those upgrading a device on Small or Medium Tab.

The following plans are available for Tab Medium; all include unlimited talk and text, usual extras and $10/100MB data overages:

  • $40/4GB
  • $45/6GB
  • $50/8GB
  • $55/10GB
  • $60/12GB

Those seeing this targeted offer from Koodo include those on a Public Mobile migration plan from last April ($40/6GB), according to users on RFD.

Some Koodo customers have been able to call in and successfully change over to the company’s $60/12GB plan, which is also eligible for extra 1-2GB data. Others in Quebec have been able to get a $60/15GB plan from Koodo by calling in and asking for it.

Again, if you were thinking of upgrading on Koodo, log into your account and see if any special offers are available for you.