Koodo Offering $60/12GB Loyalty Plan with Extra 1-2GB Data for Some Customers


The behind-the-scenes wireless wars continue, as loyalty plans are getting more competitive as we head into the holiday quarter.

Rogers and Fido were offering a $60/15GB BYOD loyalty plan for customers who asked for it, and Koodo was also calling customers to offer its longstanding $60/10GB BYOD plan.

But now it appears Koodo is stepping up with a better offer, a $60/12GB BYOD plan which can also add 1-2GB data on top, making for a $60/13GB or $60/14GB monthly plan, for existing customers.

The plan comes with unlimited minutes and text messages, along with the usual extras such as call waiting and voicemail. Extra data is billed at $10/100MB.

This Koodo offer is also Medium Tab eligible and not just BYOD (bring your own device).

In order to get this plan from Koodo, you can call 1-866-995-6636, ask to be transferred to the loyalty/retentions department and then inquire if there are competitive offers to match Freedom Mobile or Fido’s $60/15GB.

Many users on RFD were successful in obtaining this plan, while some were not. Some in Alberta were offered a $45/9GB plan.

Earlier this month, we reported Koodo was offering $65/12GB and $80/20GB plans to some customers. But it appears the prices have dropped.

Expensive cellphone bills are currently the target of this fall’s federal election and political parties are set on regulating prices in some form or another. Canada’s wireless carriers may be trying to get ahead of this by lowering prices for existing customers.

Again, if you have the time and patience to call in, you may be able to upgrade your existing Koodo plan to one with more data. Let us know if you’re successful or not.