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Koodo Offering $60/15GB Plan to Some Customers in Quebec

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It looks like Telus flanker brand Koodo is upping its wireless plans in Quebec for some customers, beyond the $60/10GB and $60/12GB plans we’ve seen offered elsewhere in Canada.

According to iPhone in Canada reader G.P., Koodo in Quebec was able to offer him a $60/15GB plan with unlimited minutes, global texts and the usual extras. This $60/15GB price point matches what Rogers and Fido were offering customers on the weekend, a plan which has no longer become available for those asking about it.

Check out the screenshot below showing the $60/15GB plan in Quebec on Koodo, which comes with $10/100MB data overages:

Koodo $60 15gb

Koodo’s website in Quebec shows a promo $65/16GB BYOD plan (7GB + 9GB bonus data), so the plan above saves $5 per month and has 1GB less data than what’s publicly available in the province.

This plan most likely is in response to a $55/16GB plan ($65/16GB – $10 credit for 12 months) being offered to Fido customers in Ottawa, which was seen advertised at a Wireless Wave location.

We’re waiting to hear back to find out whether this plan was offered over the phone, or was obtained through calling into retentions. If you have the time and patience to make a call to Koodo, it’s worth giving this a try if you’re in Quebec.

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