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Public Mobile Credit Card Transactions Not Working? A Fix is Coming

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Telus-owned Public Mobile announced on Thursday they are currently dealing with issues regarding credit card and visa debit card transactions for payments online, affecting activations and the Self-Serve portal.

“Our team is looking into what’s causing the issue. We don’t have a timeline yet for a fix, but will keep you posted,” said Public Mobile, which emphasized its AutoPay is not affected by the issue.

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The transaction issues mean those trying to buy more add-ons for data, minutes and more, won’t be able to do so.

When customers are trying to activate online, they may see their transaction time out. Public Mobile recommends “you do not attempt to activate with a credit card at this time.”

Last week, Public Mobile launched 2-factor authentication for those changing SIM cards, in an effort to combat SIM swap fraud.

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