Public Mobile Extends Koodo $35/5GB, $40/8GB + $180 Credit Switcher Offer

Public Mobile has sent out text messages to select customers to inform them the previous Koodo Mobile switcher offer has been extended to September 30, 2018.

The offer includes either a $35/5GB or $40/8GB unlimited Canada-wide calling plan, with $180 in bill credits, plus possible eligibility for a $0 phone with Koodo Tab.

Public mobile koodo 40 8gb

The offer reads:

Get it while you can! Switch to Koodo by September 30th and get 5GB of data for $35/month OR 8GB of data for $40/month. Plus $180 in bill credits. Plans include unlimited Canada-wide minutes & unlimited international text. You may be eligible for a $0 phone with the Koodo Tab. Switch online at or at your nearest Koodo location and use promo code JOINKOODOAUGDATA. Offer available for XXX-XXX-XXXX.

The last time this offer was sent out to select Public Mobile customers, specifically those on the company’s $38/4GB per month plan (after Autopay), was back in late August.

The goal of parent company Telus, it seems, is to switch prepaid Public Mobile users over to postpaid plans at sister company Koodo Mobile, which help pad quarterly numbers for postpaid subscribers, seen as a more valuable demographic versus prepaid.

If you have been holding out on this offer—are you going to jump on it now? Or wait until the holidays to see if the $60/10GB plan mysteriously reappears?