Public Mobile to Increase Price of Legacy $10 Plan by 30%

Telus-owned prepaid brand, Public Mobile, has notified customers of its $10 legacy plan a price increase is coming, in the form of a 30% jump to $13 per month.

The old $10 Public Mobile plan offered a mere 50 minutes per month, 50 text messages and unlimited incoming messages. According to iPhone in Canada reader Vincent in Quebec, he received an email this morning detailing the change.

Public Mobile explains his current plan price of $10 will change to $13, starting on April 29, 2022. The company says his payment method will reflect the new plan charge, and no action is required on his part, according to the email.

Vincent says while the plan was basic in nature, it was “good enough for my 8 year old kid” to use sparingly, he tells iPhone in Canada.

It’s unclear why Public Mobile has raised the price on its legacy $10 plan, but it may be part of a wider effort to have customers switch to newer, updated plans.

Public Mobile’s entry plan at the moment is at $15/month, which offers 100 nationwide minutes, 250MB of data with Autopay, unlimited incoming calls and unlimited international SMS/MMS. At just $2 more than the price change coming to the plan mentioned above, it could be one way to steer customers to spend $5 more per month.

Telus recently introduced speed caps for its ‘unlimited plans’, while Koodo also detailed speed limitations as well. Recent Public Mobile data bonus promos now only last 6 months for new customers, instead of remaining indefinite.