Telus EPP Promo: iPhone XR for $0 with $90/10GB Plan, $200 Port-In Credit

If your employer is part of the Telus Employee Purchase Plan (EPP) program, you may want to check out the latest offers online.

Telus epp iphone xr

A new EPP promotion says you can “save big when you choose Telus”, offering an iPhone XR for $0 on a two-year term with a $90/10GB promo plan—and a $200 port-in credit for those switching from another carrier. There’s also an $80/8GB plan available with $100 port-in credit for the iPhone XR.

Telus also says you can add up to four family members or friends on a two-year term, on this promo plan.

The company says a $35 connection fee applies, but by signing up for pre-authorized payments you can “offset” the fee by $5.

According to iPhone in Canada reader C.A., Telus also has the iPhone X eligible for this EPP offer, which also comes with a $100 port-in credit.

Regular price for an iPhone XR with Telus through their Bring-It-Back program would be $0 upfront on contract, but you’d be paying $140 per month with a 9GB plan, while you need to return the phone after two years, or pay the Bring-It-Back amount ($130) and keep the device.

The offer sounds similar to what the Telus EPP program offered during Black Friday—click here to see the details.