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Telus and Koodo Activation Fees to Increase to $40 in February

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Device activation fees are increasing for Telus and Koodo customers, jumping to $40 starting on February 10, 2020, an increase of 14%. The move by Telus puts its activation fees in line with Bell.

According to the Telus website—still yet to be updated—here’s what you get from the connection fee: “includes a SIM card and access to a TELUS team member to process your activation or renewal along with other exclusive TELUS services like Smart Start, Learning Sessions and the Device Checkup App.”

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When customers activate a new device or renewal, they will have to soon pay $40, up from $35. However, online renewals or activations will see the fees waived, as usual.

Telus increased its connection fee twice in 2018, as it jumped to $30 in March of that year, and then again to $35 later in October, matching Rogers and Bell at the time.

Roger and Fido so far still have $35 connection fees still, but it may be only a matter of time before they match fellow wireless rivals.

[via MobileSyrup]

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