Telus Launches ‘No Overage’ Plans Starting at $75/10GB with Faster Throttled Data vs Rogers, Bell

Telus no overages $75

The wireless wars continue in Canada, with Telus now launching new promo ‘no overage’ plans starting at $75/10GB.

Previously, Telus debuted a $75/15GB promo plan in response to Rogers Infinite plans, which started at $75/10GB and no overage fees, but with throttled data at 256 kbps once your main data is consumed. Bell matched these plans from Rogers with a promo response of their own.

But with Telus, their new ‘no overage’ plans have faster throttled data at 512 kbps, which according to the company’s website, “means you’ll still be able to browse the Internet and use email but images and video will take longer to load.”

Telus is also offering a $95/20GB ‘no overage’ plan to go with the $75/10GB plan. Customers can get these plans with smartphone contracts but they’ll pay more per month.

Data is not shareable with these Telus ‘no overage’ plan, unlike the Rogers Infinite offerings.

“Today TELUS launched two new No Overage data plans starting at $75 for 10GB and $95 for 20GB of high-speed data plus endless usage thereafter when customers bring their own device. These plans are also available with Premium, Premium Plus and Platinum pricing on a two-year term,” a Telus spokesperson told iPhone in Canada in a statement.

Telus says these new promo plans “are in addition to the two promotional bonus data plans launched last week,” and will expire on July 2, 2019.