Videotron Launches $75/17GB BYOD Promo Plan Until July 9

Quebec regional wireless carrier, Videotron, has launched a $75 per month BYOD plan with 17GB of data, in what appears to be their foray into current wireless pricing wars.

The Videotron website is advertising a 17GB Premium+ Mobile Plan on BYOD, for $75 per month. The plan includes unlimited calling and texting in Canada, is eligible for the Daily Traveller Pass option, and includes Stingray Music and Club illico and a $5/month multiservice discount.

Videotron $75 17gb byod plan

Other plans available from Videotron include a $68/11GB plan (9GB + 2GB bonus) and $85/19GB plan.

Currently, Rogers is offering new ‘unlimited’ data plan starting at $75/10GB–with throttled 256 kbps data after your initial data bucket is up–while Bell has matched Rogers and Telus is offering $75/15GB BYOD and $95/25 plans.

According to Videotron, this promo plan at $75/17GB is available until July 9, 2019.

[via MobileSyrup]