Videotron’s $79.95 Unlimited Data Plan Mocks ‘Big 3’ in Promo Ad [VIDEO]

Videotron has again launched it’s ongoing ‘promo’ $79.95/month unlimited data plan (fair usage policy applies at 5GB) with unlimited talk in Quebec and the Greater Ottawa region, plus unlimited SMS/MMS, call display, voicemail, call waiting and conference calling.

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But wait–Videotron has a nationwide $79.95/month plan with 6GB of data which is actually better than the aforementioned region-specific unlimited data plan (students can get $5/month off too).

Although we’re no stranger to these unlimited data plans from Videotron, what’s interesting is their new promo ad for this plan which pokes fun at its rivals Rogers, Telus and Bell—which do not have ‘unlimited’ data plans to compete:

Check it out below:

Since launching the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s last month, Videotron has become an even greater alternative to incumbent carriers in Quebec. Competition is a good thing for consumers as recently Rogers launched a $70/6GB plan to compete with the Montreal-based wireless entrant.