Videotron Now Has 768,600 Wireless Subscribers

After the Big Three, it was Videotron’s turn to release fourth-quarter earnings peppered with full-year results, which reflect a solid performance for the period included in the report.


In the holiday quarter of 2015, Videotron’s adjusted operating income was $349 million, and the carrier announced that it added 26,100 subscribers. As a result, Videotron’s wireless subscriber base grew to 768,600 by the end of last year.

“Once again, Videotron’s growth was driven by the gains at our mobile telephone service, which now serves 768,600 customers, and our Internet access service,” commented Manon Brouillette, President and CEO of Videotron. “

Looking back at the full year, the telecommunications arms of Quebecor Inc. has grown by 6%, or $169.7 million, breaking the $3 billion mark, and adjusted operating income increased by $32.6 million, or 2.4%.

Videotron’s revenue was up 40.3%, or $116 million, for the full year from mobile telephony and $64.6 million (7.5%) from Internet access services. The carrier’s average monthly revenue per user (ARPU) increased by 8.4%, or $10.52, from the $125.15 reported for 2014 to $135.68 in 2015.

The carrier is closing a successful year, as its number of subscribers has increased by 21.5%, or 135,800, marking the biggest annual increase for the service since 2011. The press release also notes the successful rollout of its LTE network, which ranked as the fastest in Canada, according to OpenSignal’s September report.

Also, Videotron has updated its Mobile Usage iOS app as User Centre +, adding the ability to track mobile and Internet data usage and more.