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Review: Dodge the balls with Chippy!

Hey all! Today I have a review of a fantastic game called “Chippy” that is a remake of an old time classic called Pang or as others may know it as, Bubble Trouble. Chippy by Chippy is a very good remake of an addictive game I used to play years ago called “Bubble Trouble”. […]

Game Review: Fieldrunners For iPhone

Hey everyone! Now a day in the iPhone scene there are thousands of new apps and games being released daily that it�s so hard to keep track of which games are worth to try. Well today I would like to tell you about one of my favorite iPhone apps called Fieldrunners! Fieldrunners is a game […]

Review: Up your game with Hockey Whiteboard

Hey all, Today I have a truly Canadian app called Hockey Whiteboard. This app aims to assist both players and coaches of Hockey to display player and puck positioning and draw up strategies for their games. Hockey Whiteboard by Ron DiNapoli Hockey Whiteboard is the blend of technology and hockey, so instead of using a […]

Review: Play retro with Sticky Licky

Hey all! Today I have game called Sticky Licky that steps back into the 80’s style of retro arcade gaming! Sticky Licky by Vision Wise Inc The goal is simple; get the highest possible score and then play again to beat it! You have Sticky Licky (the  frog), bugs, and the badies!!! Using the iPhone, […]

Review: Useful tools with 9-Toolbox

Hey all! I wanted to drop a note about an application called 9-Toolbox that I have been using recently because usually it is $4.99, but right now it is free for the next little while! 9-Toolbox by e2ndesign The app is called 9-Toolbox and it is made up of nine different useful tools. There are […]

Review: Be a bartender with Pocket Cocktails

Hey all! Today I have an application that will take you center stage at social gatherings!! It is called “Pocket Cocktails” and teaches you how to mix and make various cocktails and drinks! Pocket Cocktails by Rob Maran Pocket Cocktails is  fun little application. The app provides a very good user interface in teaching the […]

Review: BATTLESHIP SUNK! with iBattleships

Hey all! Today I have for review a game that everyone has played. It is called “iBattleships” and is a fun re-make of classic Battleship! iBattleships by Antonio Lo Giudice iBattleships is the classic Battleship game we all know and love, but this one is optimized for the iPhone experience! The game plays exactly like […]

Review: Stay aware with Lethal!

Today I have an application called “Lethal” which uses the GPS location function in your iPhone to assess the area you are in of dangers! Lethal by Elany Arts Inc. Lethal measures your surrounding area for threats using four scales: Wildlife, Crime, Disease, and Disasters. The application locates you via the GPS function of the […]

App Store Approvals Tested, Confused.

The seemingly random acceptance of some, but not other Apps is a constant source head-scratching ponderings for lots of App Developers. It seems that there is no definitive reasoning behind why some Apps get approved, and others slip through the cracks. Alkalai Media documented on their blog the recent submission (and subsequent re-submissions) of their […]

Review: Outplay your iPhone with iZilch

iZilch is the name of the game and all you have to do is beat your iPhone…if you can! iZilch by Crystal Springs Software iZilch is a dice game for the iPhone or iPod Touch that makes use of the accelerometer in that you simply shake the device to roll the dice. The object of […]

Review: Dog owners, meet ‘Bark Machine’!

Today I have an application for all the Dog owners out there! “Bark Machine and Dog Tricks” is your ultimate portable guide to training your loyal companion. Bark Machine and Dog Tricks by Rob Maran Bark Machine and Dog Tricks aims to replace the expensive Dog training books with an application in your pocket and […]

Review: Chat, flirt, and swear in 42 languages with Lingopal!

Hey all! Today I have a fun app for you. It is called Lingopal and it allows you to chat, flirt, and swear (FTW!) in over 42 different languages!!! Lingopal by Lingopal Holdings Pty Ltd Lingopal is a multilanguage phrasebook that should be a companion to anyone who does a lot of worldwide travelling. As […]