Setup Rogers EDGE Settings for the iPhone

Canada has some of the most expensive data rates in the world. Remember the guy with the $85,000 phone bill?! Anyways, if you want to setup your iPhone with Rogers, make sure you’re on a data plan if you want to use mobile internet (WiFi remains free). It’s going to be expensive so get ready! […]

How to Setup MMS on the iPhone with Rogers

The 3rd party iPhone developers out there never cease to amaze me. First, a fix for my SMS voicemail notifications, and now an application to let me send MMS (multimedia messaging service) picture messages on my iPhone on Rogers via EDGE. How to setup MMS picture messaging on the iPhone with Rogers? It’s a very […]

iPhone Monthly Plans in Canada with Rogers & Fido

I’ve received a few emails asking about what plans can be used with an unlocked iPhone in Canada. I know there are some experts out there, but there are also some beginners just new to this “unlocking” stuff. So I’m going to try to explain everything in detail, so excuse me if you already know […]

Using An Unlocked iPhone in Canada: What Features Work?

I received an email earlier from a reader that posed an interesting question: What works on an unlocked iPhone in Canada? Are there iPhone features that are missing? Are there any hidden costs or charges that could accrue by using an unlocked iPhone in Canada with Rogers or Fido? Well, I am going to relay […]

Fix iPhone SMS Voicemail Notification For Rogers & Fido

Hey everyone, here we go with another quality post on how to tweak your iPhone for all you Canadians out there. Now, my GSM provider is Fido (which is owned by Rogers) in Canada. The problem for iPhone users out there is that those on firmware version 1.0.2 or 1.1.1 lack the SMS voicemail notification […]

Apple iPhone in Canada Release Date: January 18th?

What is up with Canada not having the iPhone already?! Like I mentioned before, as the biggest trading partner of the United States of America, wouldn’t it only seem fitting that its neighbour to the north gets the almighty Apple iPhone? I would think so–yet for some reason, that is just not happening in Canada. […]