Review: Be a bartender with Pocket Cocktails

Hey all!

Today I have an application that will take you center stage at social gatherings!! It is called “Pocket Cocktails” and teaches you how to mix and make various cocktails and drinks!

Pocket Cocktails by Rob Maran

Pocket Cocktails is  fun little application. The app provides a very good user interface in teaching the user how to make various drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, in the form of listed recipes. Moreover, each individual drink is listed within a category of drinks such as Martinis, Classics, Wine/Beer, Summer, Shooters, and more.

Once you choose your category, you are given a list of drinks and each have their own individual picture so to easier understand what type of drink it is. After tapping into the chosen drink, you are given a large, full screen picture of the drink along with links to recipes on how to make it and ingredients on what to make it out of. This application does a fantastic job in illustration simply because of the size and detail of the included pictures.

The navigation is also very simple. Along the bottom of the application, you have a series of buttons such as All Drinks, Search, Home, and my personal favorite, Random. Tapping Random presents you with a neat martini shaker sound and then generates a random drink for you. Also along the bottom menu is a Sommelier which is just a fantastic thing to add to an application like this. The “pocket Sommelier” allows you to choose the type of food that you will be serving and then generates an appropriate Wine to be served.

So, how about we give away a promo code, yes? This one is going to be easy. Just be the FIRST person below in the comments to tell me exactly what is the job of a “Sommelier”?

Currently, Pocket Cocktails can be picked up in the USA iTunes AppStore for the on sale price of $0.99 (regular $4.99), so if you enjoy making drinks, I would jump on this quickly!


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