Costco Has Apple’s iTunes Gift Cards on Sale for 20% Off Again

Costco has launched yet another periodic sale on Apple’s iTunes gift cards, offering 20% off in store and a slightly lower discount online with instant e-delivery.

Costco itunes card 20 off sale

The in-store price is $79.99 for a $100 iTunes gift card, offering $20 in savings.

The prices online are not the same as in-store and have remained slightly higher despite the recent introduction of e-delivery. But hey, spending a few extra bucks online will save you a $500 cart full of “groceries” at Costco.

The online prices are below:

  • $25 iTunes Card for $21.49 (14% off)
  • $100 iTunes Card for $83.99 (16% off)
  • $200 iTunes Card for $167.99 (16% off)

It’s worth noting the $200 iTunes card online is no longer at 18% off, but only 16% off now, seeing a $3 increase. When the $200 online denomination launched last summer, savings online were at 18% off, or $164.99—the same sale price was shown back in November 2018.

Why buy these discounted iTunes cards? If you use them to fund your iTunes account, you can save 20% off any digital purchase from Apple, including Apple Music subscriptions, in-app purchases, music, books, games and more (sadly Netflix ended this recently for new sign ups).

Let us know if you’re going to pick up some discounted iTunes cards from Costco.

The sales goes from today until Sunday, March 3, 2019.