How to Save 20% Off Disney+ and Apple TV+ with Costco’s iTunes Card Sale

Apple itunes gift cards sale

Costco has launched yet another sale on Apple’s iTunes gift cards, offering 20% off savings in-store and 16% off online.

At Costco warehouses both out west and east (we called locations to confirm), a $100 multipack ($25 x 4) is available for $79.99 (save $10 off its regular price of $89.99), while online prices are listed below (you need to sign in to see them):

  • $25 iTunes Card for $20.99 (16% off)
  • $100 iTunes Card for $83.99 (16% off)
  • $200 iTunes Card for $167.99 (16% off)

With streaming services launching this fall such as Disney+ and Apple TV+, funding your iTunes account with these discounted cards means you save every month, when your account balance is used to fund services and purchases.

Disney+ was recently previewed for Apple TV, so it’s almost certain you’ll be able to subscribe right on the device, which means it’ll be an Apple subscription, funded from your account. Disney+ will cost $8.99 CAD per month or $89.99 CAD per year, launching on November 12. Saving $20% off a monthly subscription works out to $7.19 CAD per month.

Apple TV+ is said to be around $10-13 CAD per month and also debut in November.

Once you’ve purchased iTunes cards, you can redeem them easily on your iOS device, Mac, PC or Android phone (for those with Apple Music).

To redeem an iTunes gift card on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, just launch the App Store, tap your profile photo in the top right corner, then tap “Redeem Gift Card or Code” and follow the instructions.

On your Mac or PC, launch iTunes, go to the Account menu and choose “Redeem”, sign in with your Apple ID, then enter in your redemption code.

By keeping a continuously funded iTunes account with discounted cards from Costco, you’ll save on all digital purchases from Apple, whether it’s an app purchase, iCloud storage, in-app subscription, movie rental, book purchase or more.

The sale on iTunes gift cards will go until September 1, 2019.

Thanks Ivan