How to Check If Your Facebook Data Was Shared with Cambridge Analytica

Yesterday, Facebook started notifying users whether or not their data was shared in the Cambridge Analytica scandal. If you want to check yourself right now on whether or not your data was compromised, Facebook has released a tool for you to see if you were actually affected.

All you have to do is visit this page and it will inform you if you’ve been affected immediately:

Check facebook shared cambridge analytica

The page explains whether or not you logged into the quiz app ‘This Is Your Digital Life’, created university researcher Dr Aleksandr Kogan. It was through this app where profile data was used and manipulated by Cambridge Analytica, with numbers pegged at 87 million profiles.

Facebook recently suspended Canadian data firm AggregateIQ for their alleged ties to Cambridge Analytica, while the social network also says over 622,000 Canadians may have had their data compromised in the scandal.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg is set to testify today before Congress in the U.S., set to take place at 11:15AM PDT/2:15PM EDT, where he is expected to apologize for the company’s role in the Cambridge Analytica snafu.

[via Engadget]