Apple Drops Planned iOS VPN Change


According to a support document published on April 24th and spotted by MacRumors, Apple has no plans to proceed with the iOS VPN changes it had scheduled to release with the next software update later this month. The changes were required by the $368 million judgement against Apple, which was found to be infringing on VirnetX’s intellectual property.

“Apple no longer plans to change the behavior of the VPN On Demand feature of iOS 6.1 for devices that have already been shipped. The “Always” option will continue to work as it currently does on these devices.”

By mentioning that it will not change the VPN On Demand feature for the devices already shipped, Apple leaves the door open for the changes to be implemented on future devices. This suggests the two companies have possibly reached an agreement out of court, but we have no confirmation as yet.

The patent litigation forced Apple to change/remove the “Always” configuration option for VPN on demand, replacing it with the “Establish if needed” option. The change was scheduled to arrive as a software update in April.