Brydge 10.5 Series II Keyboard is Compatible with Apple’s 2019 iPad Air


Brydge ipad keyboard

Looking for a keyboard for your 2019 iPad Air? Brydge has confirmed its 10.5 Series II wireless Bluetooth keyboard works with Apple’s latest 10.5-inch iPad Air (which is using the former 10.5-inch iPad Pro body).

Brydge currently is offering a $55 off coupon on off their 10.5-inch keyboard, taking the price down to $124 CAD.

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These aluminum iPad keyboards feature excellent viewing angles (0 to 180 degrees), dedicated iOS keys, 12 months of battery life per charge and a backlit keyboard.

We’ve been using the Brydge Keyboard for the 9.7-inch iPad for the past few weeks, along with their Slimline Protective Case, and it’s an excellent combination. The keyboard is well-built and making typing a breeze. The hinge works perfectly and the whole setup makes the iPad feel like a mini laptop. Highly recommended.

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