Microsoft’s Latest Surface 2 Ads Attack the iPad Air [VIDEOS]

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We’ve seen previous Microsoft Surface ads targeting Apple’s iPad, but a new batch of ads were released yesterday comparing the ‘advantages’ of the newer Surface 2 versus the latest iPad Air. Check them out below:

Ports: Surface 2 vs iPad Air

Sharing with Family: Surface 2 vs iPad Air 

Cooking: Surface 2 vs iPad Air

I’m waiting for iOS to add user accounts as iPads within shared families can be a pain. But overall, the iPad Air has been an excellent upgrade as it’s incredible fast and very light to hold.

The 32GB Surface 2 starts at $449 CDN (the Touch Cover keyboard is $79.99 extra) while a 16GB iPad Air starts at $519 CDN.

Despite Microsoft’s aggressive marketing tactics touting these features over the iPad, it did not result in sales for the original Surface RT, as the company ended up taking a $900 million write down on unsold inventory. It’ll be interesting to see how Surface 2 sales stack up.