iPhone 5s/5c First-Weekend Sales Similar, Analyst Says

Apple broke all previous iPhone sales records with the opening weekend iPhone 5s and 5c sales: 9 million units sold. The company’s usual silence regarding which model is selling more leaves the analysts to break down the sales numbers based on their inside sources. And Ming-Chi Kuo thinks (via AppleInsider) that the limited supply of the iPhone 5s has led to an even spilt in sales between the high-end and lower-cost model.

According to his estimate, Apple has sold between 3.5 million and 4.5 million iPhone 5s units, and the rest of between 4.5 million and 5.5 million were iPhone 5c models. This year’s 9 million number obviously sets a new record, but we must note here that Apple launched two devices this year. Just about a year ago, the iPhone 5 set the previous record with 5 million units sold in the first weekend.

Ming-Chi Kuo’s estimate — which is based on inside sources, he says — is slightly different to what the guys from Localytics have found. They think exactly the opposite: for instance, most analysts expected the iPhone 5c to boost Apple’s presence in China, but it turns out the demand for the high-end model has been much higher than for the colourful, lower-cost model.


Furthermore, they think China leads the pack in preference for the iPhone 5s, with the stats being based on solid data: they examined over 20 million iPhones and investigated the breakdowns by country between September 20 and 23.

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  • Rob Raymond

    These analysts may have “inside sources”, but I know 7 people in my close circle that have bought the 5s, and none have gotten the 5c.

  • Farids

    First, the numbers: it’s true Apple released 2 phones this year. But if they released only, say 5s, the price would be closer to 5 like all the previous years since 2007. So, they’d sell more 5s iPhones, and break last years records, even if by a smaller margin.
    Second, Apple correctly understood the Chinese market, the typical person’s taste, and came up with the 5c design. The good sales numbers in china are the proof of this. Honestly, with quite a few billion dollars in bank, nothing less can be expected of Apple.

  • pegger1

    The pricing on the 5S wouldn’t have changed if it was the only phone. The 5C is essentially the 5, which they discontinuned. If they didn’t have the 5C they’d still have the 5. The 5 would have had those sales. They wouldn’t have gone to the 5S. Plus the 5S is selling out everywhere, so there isn’t much room for increased sales there unless they had upped production.

  • Farids

    I beg to differ. Since 2007, Apple has released one new phone every year. Upon release, last year models price tag would be reduced by $100, and the new release would be priced at the same flagship price tag. In other words, since 2007, the price of the most recent iPhone has started from $519. So, if Apple continued with the previous trend, and released only 5s, the price of iPhone 5 would drop down to $399.99 and 5s would be marked $519 ($159 with 3 year contract). But with 5c release, Apple has not replaced the internals like previous years. iPhone 5c is an iPhone 5 (last year technology) wearing a different jacket and same price tag as last year. For the first time since 2007, we pay the same for last year’s iPhone and have to actually pay more for this years model (new updated 5S). So, if 5c weren’t released, 5s pricing would start from $519 for 16 gig model. iPhone 5 would be manufactured in only the 16 gig model and be sold for $399. iPhone 4S in only the 8 gig model, and iPhone 4 would be discontinued. This new lineup and same as previous year pricing would completely change the forecasts and sales numbers. I hope this clarified my earlier comment. One thing is for sure, in a market where new smartphones are being released and prices are dropping, Apple managed to sell one iPhone (5) as 2 iPhones (5 and 5c) for 2 years by only changing to an inferior casing (the 5 casing is much higher quality, more precise and more expensive to make) without any price reduction, and actually broke records!!!! Quite a wonder when you think about it 🙂

  • ticky13

    Have Apple stores gotten any more 5S stock in since they all sold out opening day, or are they waiting like everybody else?

  • pegger1

    The 5C actually has a better front facing camera than the 5.
    And previous years pricing has no guarantee on future years pricing.
    The records on sales is 5S and 5C combined. I’ve seen numerous reports all different on the ratio the two.
    This is the first time China was included on day 1. Which would affect sales dramatically. So it’s difficult to compare this year to previous years.