Apple’s 12-inch MacBook Air Said to Enter Mass Production in Q1 2015

Macbook air

Citing supply chain sources, Digitimes claims the rumoured 12-inch MacBook Air will enter mass production in the first quarter of 2015. The highly anticipated Apple Watch will also enter production at about the same time.

According to information provided by the anonymous sources, the new MacBook Air will incorporate Intel’s Broadwell processors and be redesigned, as Apple aims to reduce its overall weight and thickness. Mass production was postponed until the first quarter of 2015 due to low yield rates, the sources revealed.

The rumour is in line with previous reports about a 12-inch MacBook Air that will allegedly feature a buttonless trackpad and an innovative fanless cooling system as well as less input/output ports. It is worth mentioning that Intel launched its new Broadwell Core M processors this fall, so we will likely see them power the new MacBook Air.

Apple’s new MacBook Air will allegedly be available in limited shipments, and Quanta Computer is the manufacturer supplying the device, the same sources noted.