Apple Said to Allow External USB-C Battery Packs for 12″ MacBook

Following the launch of the all-new 12-inch MacBook, which surprised many since it sports only one USB-C port, 9to5Mac has uncovered some of Apple’s future plans for the single port. When it was unveiled, it became obvious that Apple has moved its MagSafe technology to the Apple Watch, signalling the end of its proprietary charging solution and the beginning of third-party battery packs to charge the portable on the go.

Macbook usb c

In case you’ve been wondering whether Apple would limit USB-C accessories, well, the answer is negative: fortunately for third-party accessory manufacturers and future MacBook users, the company will allow most accessories supporting the new standard with the new device.

Batteries are only one part of the good news. The new MacBook will work with DisplayPort alternate mode for video, and it will work with third-party video accessories as well, as confirmed by sources speaking with 9to5Mac. This means you will be able to purchase lower-cost third-party video accessories and use them without limitations.

The new MacBook is a month away from reaching customers, but third-party accessory manufacturers are already lining up their options, so if you are considering buying that new device, you’ll have the option to choose from Apple’s high-priced accessories and lower-cost third-party accessories.