Amazon Rewards Mastercard Adds Support for Apple Pay

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The Rewards Mastercard was launched back in June 2019, and recently, the card from MBNA added support for Apple Pay.

According to iPhone in Canada reader Jesse Hollington, he noticed support for Apple Pay was adding sometime recently.

“So, it looks like somewhere along the way this card became eligible for Apple Pay,” explained Jesse.

After learning only the MBNA NHL Rewards Visa cards are excluded from Apple Pay, Jesse tried adding the Rewards Mastercard to the Apple wallet and it worked. He did have to call MBNA to verify the Apple Pay addition, but after it was all said and done, “it works fine”, he said.

It’s possible MBNA likely added Apple Pay support during the past year due to COVID-19 and the need for contactless transactions in stores.

The Rewards Mastercard has no annual fee, offers 2.5% back on and Whole Foods Market stores, plus has 2.5% back on foreign currency transactions and also 1% back on other eligible purchases.

When did you first notice Apple Pay support for the Amazon Rewards Mastercard?

Image via Jesse H.